Frequently Asked Questions

For additional and more technical frequently asked questions, please check our help section after login.

  • Who uses UpToUs?

    UpToUs was built by parents for parents and educators to communicate and organize kids' activities. Classrooms parents, PTA members, coaches, teachers, scouts leaders, day care center directors, you name it - if you need to communicate with groups and parents, and wish to foster a community environment, UpToUs is for you!

  • Why should I use it?

    Because it really truly does make life easier. UpToUs improves communication, increases participation and reduces frustration. Check out our testimonials and read our homepage to learn more.

  • How do i start a group?

    Starting groups is easy. Simply create an account, choose a group name and upload the emails of the people you want to invite. Once the email goes out, recipients click on the link in the email and join. That's it! If you need more detailed directions, check our help section for a step-by-step guide.

  • What should I do if some members did not join my group?

    UpToUs allows you to include pending invitees in your email messages so you don't need to worry whether everyone joined. However, to view photos, download files or volunteer, an invitee must sign up and join the group.

  • Is it safe?

    Absolutely. Only people in your group can see group information and each group leader acts as a gatekeeper. No one can join without an invitation from the group leader and nothing is shared with anyone outside the group.

  • Is my personal information kept private?

    Absolutely. We do not share or sell any emails or personal information. For advertising, we use only aggregate data.

  • Can I use UpToUs on my mobile device? Can I export my UpToUs Calendar?

    We have mobile applications for iPhone and Android and in general any device that can connect to the Internet can access UpToUs. UpToUs calendar can be exported to your outlook, iCal or Google calendar.

  • Why is UpToUs better than just using email?

    UpToUs enables individual emails and group emails and helps members to control their email clutter through multiple setup functions. UpToUs offers other tools like member directory, sign up sheets, calendars, photo sharing, file repository and much more.

  • Do I have to be part of a group to join?

    You can create an account and use any number of our organization tools, but to realize the full benefits of UpToUs it helps to start a group.