Palo Alto Soccer Coach Gets a Kick Out of UpToUs

Jim Ting has been coaching soccer in the Palo Alto American Youth Soccer
Organization (AYSO) for many years. He started using to
manage communications and develop an online community around his teams.
The results have been fantastic.

"UpToUs lets me do it all in one place", Jim says. "It's a combination of being able to set up
a calendar for games and practices with a communication component that lets me email
announcements to everyone in one click. Plus you can create automatic reminders and upload
pictures as well. I don't have to use a separate photo-sharing site anymore. Basically,
I can manage everything from a single site. It's a powerful tool."

Before joining the UpToUs community, Jim managed his teams using other web tools. But they
proved cumbersome and complicated. "In the past I used a combination of email and Google docs",
Jim says. "But it never worked as well as I thought it would. A lot of people had problems
using the Google Docs spreadsheet. It looks like MS Excel, but it doesn't behave the same way.
That was frustrating for a lot of people."

Jim has also been impressed by the responsiveness of the UpToUs team. "They've made really great improvements based on our feedback. They added a file upload feature that I use for uploading the roster and other files. The parents really like that. The UpToUs team is really responsive."