Portland Waldorf School's Lower School Parent Council
UpToUs Admin/Business Co-Lead
Nilou Mostoufi nmostoufi@mac.com ; 415-637-2226
Business & Festivals Co-Lead
Angie Lawless angie@ironsquirrel.net
Festivals Co-Lead
Chrisi Eile chrisieile101@gmail.com
Resources Lead/Treasurer
Dave Renzema renzianni@aol.com
EC Support Co-Lead
Lucinda Frachtenberg kismet_24@yahoo.com
EC Support Co-Lead
Holly Sorensen motherholly@gmail.com
Community Support Co-Lead
Jillian Nelson jilliankaenelson@gmail.com
Address 2300 SE Harrison St
Milwaukie , OR 97222
United States of America
Email PWS-LSPC@uptous-groups.com
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